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One of the few things that would make me crawl from my blogging grave (ala Season 6 Buffy) is the birthday of [personal profile] gloss !  I even coerced [personal profile] thebunny into joining Dreamwidth.

I adored Book of Daniel from the first moment I read it. I couldn't wait for the next chapter to appear on UCSL. While I was at a trade show, I even paid $20 at an internet kiosk to check my e-mail and see if a new chapter was up. I was an unabashed fangirl. Then came the first Writercon auction and [personal profile] gloss was one of the authors up for auction. I had to win that auction. I did and when I received her first e-mail, I was more than a bit starstruck.

Six years later, she has written some amazing stories for me. From Touring Wonderland to Backstreet Driver in a Car of Love (and everything in between), her writing always brings me joy, but the stories that she has written for me are like my  treasures.

Along the way, I have also gotten to know her as a person and I am honored to call her a friend. I am a better, smarter person for knowing her.

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] gloss ! You rock my world!
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Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I haven't been very diligent about logging on, reading and replying.

I took Friday, August 28th off from work for my birthday. I had to work Saturday and Sunday so I had to delay my usual birthday vacation until September 2nd through 7th. 

The Thursday before my birthday, I received a darling card from Christine,our Children's Assistant, and a Michael's gift card from Deb, our Circulation Manager. That night at Club Anime, Emily (one of my favorite anime teens) brought me a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers and a birthday balloon. She told me that she asked to florist for something "classy" because that's the kind of person I am.  Too cute!

Friday was sushi and shopping with my mother and sister. A fun time was had by all.

We picked up FandomNiece after school. A few of her friends called her to sing "Happy Birthday" to me and a lot of  the anime club kids texted birthday messages to her for me. (As much as I love my anime kids, I'm not about to hand out my phone number. Luckily, FandomNiece is friends with all of them and can field messages for me.)

While FandomNiece was here, I checked Dreamwidth and found my favorite birthday present online from [personal profile] gloss . It's a wonderful Oz/Devon story entitled Backseat driver in a car of love. It's an X-rated crossover with Pineapple Express that has kept me smiling for days.  The characterization is absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

On Sunday, we did the family thing and had dinner at Roma's, a local Italian restaurant.  Since we had trouble finding a whole wheat cake mix, Mom made a gluten free chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing that was surprisingly yummy.  Thumbs up for Pamela's brand cake mixes!

On Tuesday, Carol (another Circulation Assistant) met me at Whataburger to deliver my birthday Cake Balls along with some peanut butter balls.  The Whataburger employee who was taking a smoke break probably thought it was the strangest drug deal ever because Carol pulled up to my car, handed me the box (wrapped in Dick and Jane paper), and then drove off. I adore Carol's Cake Balls because in addition to being delicious, they also give me the opportunity for me to tell her repeatedly how I love having her balls in my mouth.

So, it was a fabulous birthday. Turning 42 was painless and fun.


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